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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Brown Paper Packages

It has been too many years since last I was presented with a brown paper package tied up with string. Games publishers have been very slow to recognise the substantial marketing opportunity afforded to them by the massive popularity of such packages - I have it on good authority that they are amongst most people's favourite things.

Instead of quibbling over retail shelf space, or gnashing their teeth over the vagaries of download sales infrastructure, publishers should really be investing in training up retailers to ensure that each game sold can reach the consumer with all the elegance and intrigue that such a package affords.

As a developer of download games, I will be mailing a sheet of brown paper, a length of string and concise instructions to all the customers who do me the honour of supplying me with their postal addresses so that they too can share in the excitement of unwrapping something properly packaged, and in that way, make their games purchasing experience complete.

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