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Friday, 20 August 2010

Monsteca Corral

The Game Gods blog posts were all a by-product of an extended - and particularly fruitful - game development crunch period I went through last year.

The main product of all that crunching was, in fact, not a blog, but a Wiiware game - Monsteca Corral. After all the crunching, the game is now complete and ready to be unleashed upon the world!

If you are a Wii owning, Wii Shop Channel browsing kind of a gamer, you should definitely boot up your Wii and buy it right now!

One thing that you can't appreciate from the Youtube video, and I haven't yet seen mentioned in any of the reviews, is the fact that this game runs at a smooth 60fps. This does make a big difference to the play experience, but also to the level of detail we could put into the graphics, which are pretty plain compared to most modern Wii games.

I think it was the right choice for this game. With contemporary dev tools, and large development teams, it is VERY difficult to write a game that runs at full frame rate on a console. You are constantly having to cut back on visual flourishes, and withstand comparisons with other games that are using two or three times as much processing power per frame as your game can.

So, please enjoy the smoothness! and roll on Monsteca II ^_^

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