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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Cowalfest photocompetition

Cowalfest - Scotland's largest walking and arts festival - is a great annual event, and I'm lucky to have it on my doorstep. This year I only managed to make it along to the two tai chi demonstrations and one walk - up Beinn Ruadh, but I had a great time - warm regards to all the friendly people I met over the week, and many thanks to everyone involved in making Cowalfest happen!

I did put some pics in to the photocompetition - and was thrilled to win second! I was then pleased, and a little embarrassed, to come away with third place as well. :-P

Here's the announcement:

and here are my entries:

Stormy Sundown - on Holy Loch

Birch Hundreds and Thousands - Beinn Ruadh

A Little Autumn Colour - Glen Fyne
Placed Third

Misty Peaks of Arran - from Beinn Ruadh
Placed Second

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