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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Monster Hunters' Paradise

I wrote a novel for National Novel Writing Month, November 2010!

It is set in the Monsteca universe - a strange place populated entirely by robots and monsters.
You can read it if you like. It's called "Monster Hunters' Paradise" and is available as a text file eBook here: Monster Hunters' Paradise

Or, if you are more interested in a prehistoric fantasy than monsters-and-robots sci-fi, by all means try my previous NaNoWriMo effort - "Eagle Claws and Old Bone" here: Eagle Claws and Old Bone

Do have a look at the nanowrimo website - it's an amazing concept.

And many thanks to all at the Raggedy Hopefuls writers group without whose encouragement I probably wouldn't be writing at all.

1 comment:

Joseva said...

Hi there. You keep writing! Great stuff. Cheers, Rima.