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Monday, 8 October 2012

Amethyst Deceiver

Monday Mushroom #35

Had a great foray in the heaths and woodland around Worplesdon on Saturday. One of the stars of the show was a broad flush of amethyst deceivers - beautiful colours.

Laccaria amethystea - Amethyst Deceiver
They are often listed as a good edible mushroom, but contain unusually high concentrations of arsenic for a foodstuff.  Arsenic is a chemical that accumulates in the body, so ingesting small amounts over a long periodof time can lead to physical and mental degeneration, and while they do add a novel splash of colour to one's plate, they are not so remarkable on the palate.

Laccaria amethystea - Amethyst Deceiver

I met a couple of men with baskets in the woods - they were foraging for mushrooms, but - quite sensibly - were sticking to ceps.

Boletus edulis - Cep

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