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Monday, 11 May 2015

Beefsteak Fungus

Monday Mushroom #70

Looks like meat, but this is Fistulina hepatica, the beefsteak fungus.

Beefsteak fungus is one of the most distinctive edible mushrooms. It may look and feel meaty but it has a strong, distinctive, astringent taste all its own. 

Below is a photo of a typical specimen in situ, click here for a more remarkable fruiting body.

Fistulina hepatica - beefsteak fungus. Typical fruiting body exuding clear red liquid.

 It grows out of oak and sweet chestnut trees - and it is probably the tanins in the wood that give the fungus its flavour.

As always, bear in mind that there are plenty of poisonous fungi out there - never eat anything you cannot positively identify as a good edible.

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