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Monday, 7 September 2015

Aniseed Toadstool

Monday Mushroom #79

Clitocybe odora - Aniseed Toadstool

Given my interest in fungi, my interest in blue food, and that I love aniseed, this mushroom has been something I've been super keen to find. In fact, my first intensive mushroom identifying season was kickstarted by finding something which I thought might be this on a holiday in Skye.

Clitocybe odora - Aniseed Toadstool

All the blue-green caps I've come across in between times have turned out to be Stropharia species. But I'm pretty sure I have the right one here - it's the right, colour, texture and size; the caps were wavy; the stem is un-ringed; it has the fuzzy white mycelium at the base. I say pretty sure because, although these look right, the distinguishing feature - the aniseed scent - is missing! How disappointing!

Clitocybe odora - Aniseed Toadstool

I did find one reference to faded specimens being hard to identify if the scent was not strong, and I don't know of any other blue fungi that these might be. So I'm sticking with the identification, for now...

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