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Monday, 7 March 2016

Xerocomus in Downtown Auckland

Monday Mushroom #100

There is a class of small to medium sized bolettes with brownish caps and lemon yellow pores. They used to be lumped together into a genus called Xerocomus - their dry, felty, prone-to-cracking cap texture being a distinctive feature. But the classification is in a state of flux with species sometimes either all ascribed to Boletus, or split between Xerocomellus, Boletus and Hortiboletus and individual species are being split apart or joined together in a bewildering, interminable process.

? Suede bolette - Boletus subtomentosus ?
I find them pretty difficult to pin down; many specimens having features more-or-less intermediate between the various species described in guide books.

? Suede bolette - Boletus subtomentosus ?
These specimens are from Albert Park in downtown Auckland, but they will have come to New Zealand from the northern hemisphere along with the trees they are growing under. Whatever species they may be, I love those lines and textures. ^_^

? Suede bolette - Boletus subtomentosus ?

? Suede bolette - Boletus subtomentosus ?

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