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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Hopefully Yours

My local writer's group - The Raggedy Hopefuls - stopped for the summer yesterday, but we finished on a high  with the release of 'Hopefully Yours' - our first collection of writings. It was produced by Eleanor McKay of the Argyll and Bute Library Service and is available as part of the Local Collections at all the libraries in the area. Here is the cover and foreword:

A Collection of Short Stories and Poems 
From The Raggedy Hopefuls April 2011

Hello from the Raggedy Hopefuls, amateur writers from Dunoon and the Cowal area. We are a relatively new group, having started meeting in February of 2010. We hope our work will amuse, entertain or inspire you, and perhaps give you a few laughs. Our members invented most of the snazzy titles for these stories over coffees at various locations around town. At each meeting we would decide on a theme or subject for the next meeting and everyone would try to write a story involving that theme to present next time.  

Please visit our website at for more information about us and to read more of our work. 

Edited by Jacqueline Couch 
Cover design by Ben Mitchell and Rima DeFord

We are currently looking at ways to get this work into wider circulation, perhaps using a print on demand book service, or similar. In the meantime, you can read many of our stories at the raggedy.webs forums - take a wee look!

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